Friday, November 2, 2007


The process of creating a weblog is quite challenging but yet it gives blogger an opportunity to really look into an issue and learn how to analyse it. Searching for articles and journal to backup the issue is a must because it gives credibility to the issue. In order to establish reading interest among readers, the design of the blog must be simple and nice. Blogger have to carefully choose what kind of design template that favours readers, what colour to use and also how to arrange the elements so that it will not look messy. According to Nielsen(2000), there are three main guideline for writing for the web which are :
  • Be succinct – write no more than 50 percent of the text you would have used to cover the same material in a print publication
  • Write for scannability – don’t require users to read long continous blocks of text;instead, use short paragraphs, subheadings, and bulleted lists.
  • Use hypertext to split up long information into multiple pages.

Other than that, providing an accurate readings or article and also citations is important too. A wrong citation or when the original author is not being acknowledged by the bloggers is a serious offence of plagiarism. In addition, bloggers must be ethical in discussion to avoid defamation and copyright infringements.

Last but not least, language used in writing is vital. Bloggers must always bear in mind that the language use must be standard in order to make it readable by other races, and be sensitive about other cultures and norms when giving opinions or critique


Nielsen, J, 2000, Designing Web Usability, Content Design, Chapter 3, pp.99-160

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